Saskatchewan Grant for Education Savings (SAGES) - Start Early Saskatchewan!

Hon. Don Morgan, Minister of Advanced Education, Kirstin Anderson and her sons Lucas and Cayden, and Peter Lewis, Vice-President, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, CST Consultants Inc. at the launch of Start Early Saskatchewan.

There are almost 250,000 children in Saskatchewan who can benefit from the new Saskatchewan Advantage Grant Advantage Grant for Education Savings. (SAGES)

SAGES will provide children under the age of 18 with a grant of 10 per cent of their annual contributions to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), up to $250 per year, per beneficiary with a lifetime maximum of $4500.

The federal Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) provides 20 per cent of the first $2500 contributed annually to a lifetime maximum of $7200. Combined, these grants can make a big difference for Saskatchewan families saving for their child’s post secondary education.

The Saskatchewan Government has announced the temporary suspension of this program effective January 1, 2018. You have until December 31, 2017 to make contributions to an RESP and be eligible for SAGES.

Applications are now available!

Start Early Saskatchewan!

Jen and Brett Howie with their two sons, Jordan, 15, and Nolan, 12, winners of our Start Early Saskatchewan contest.

Thank you to all the amazing families who sent us their stories and answered the question, why is saving for your child’s future important to you.

We are happy to announce our winning entry comes from Jen Howie from Estevan, Sasktachewan.

“My boys see us invest a weekly amount to their RESP. They also invest their paper route earnings, rather than have it sit in their account collecting pennies. They know the government will add 20% towards their education, they’ve learned it’s $$ well invested!!”

Why we save

" I personally wanted a post secondary education and went into debt to do it. I don't want the same struggles for my 3 boys." - Lydia Cossette, Moose Jaw

"RESPs and incentives weren't available when I was a child so I wanted to give my son a future full of opportunity without the stress and worry of how he will pay for it." - Sarah Nunweiler, Saskatoon

"With the expensive cost of education, I don't want to be struggling to figure out when I'll be able to retire." - Aaron Exner, Prince Albert

"Saving for my son is truly the most important thing my money goes to. He deserves the opportunities I did not have." - Chelsea Spence, North Battleford

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