Making a deposit into the memory bank of a child

CST is happy to announce the grand prize winner of the 2012 Inspire a Dream contest—Jennifer MacFarlane of Calgary, Alberta—in the amount of $25,000 toward the post-secondary education of her six-month old daughter Evelyn (Evie) Siklodi.

Good karma – or good things happening to those who do good things – has certainly paid a well-deserved visit to Jennifer and her family.

Empathy and helping those in need seems to be a natural instinct for Jennifer. While watching the news one evening following Hurricane Katrina, Jennifer was moved by a desperate call for volunteers in the Calgary area to help care for animals rescued from the aftermath of the storm. Instinctively, Jennifer knew she had to help, and volunteered her time with the shelter, adopting multiple dogs who needed food, a warm home, and most of all, love. It’s not easy to foster multiple animals at the same time, particularly ones that have experienced trauma and have lost their owners and homes. Nevertheless, Jennifer dedicated her time tirelessly, knowing that she was doing the right thing and making a difference in the lives of these unfortunate animals.

One dog in particular, named Millie, became more than just a foster, but a member of the family. While on a camping trip, her then boyfriend Rob announced that Millie had a present for Jennifer. He had tied a little white box to Millie, and to Jennifer's surprise inside the box was an engagement ring. From that day on, Rob and Millie were hers to keep!

Since that eventful day, Jennifer and Rob’s little family has grown. Today, the couple have three-year old Abby, a precocious little girl who enjoys spending time with her cousins, playing soccer and often pretending that she is a cat! The family has recently welcomed a new playmate for Abby, her six-month old little sister and contest winner Evie.

The $25,000 RESP award money will go a long way in supporting Evie as her imagination evolves from being a cat today, to one day becoming a lawyer, journalist or even the Prime Minister of Canada. We at CST are proud of this award, and delighted to know that we are not just making a deposit into a child’s memory bank, but towards achieving the future that the child is imagining today.