Redeeming your RESP


Your beneficiary, the student is now ready to begin their new journey and attend post-secondary school.

This means you can now start redeeming money from your CST RESP account.

It's as easy as 1-2-3


Collect these documents:

  1. The school’s Proof/Verification of Enrolment form from the registrar or from the school’s website, on school letterhead which must include:
    • school name
    • student name
    • program name & length
    • start date and confirmation of enrolment status (full-time/part-time)
  2. Note: An offer of admission from a school is not sufficient proof/verification of enrolment.


    An Education Assistance Payments (EAPs) application form completed by your student and the school registrar, available on our CST Self-Serve website under “Records and Forms.”

  3. Your student will need valid banking information in order to apply online. For Canadian residents please have the transit, account, and institution number handy. U.S. and International residents must upload banking information.

  4. Note: If your student is planning to attend 2 years or fewer of post-secondary studies, contact us to discuss your options.



Have your student REGISTER online and select “Request your Payment”, then submit the proof of enrolment and the required banking information to ensure a quick redemption.


Receive FUNDS from your plan


Your contributions less Sales Charges, account maintenance fees, and any other applicable fees.

Education Assistance Payments

The payment amount includes your EAP, government grants, grant income, any applicable post-maturity income on principal and/or Sales Charge Refund (if applicable).