• Help them reach for the stars by preparing today
  • Help them reach for the stars by preparing today
  •  Let’s keep kids learning

A Legacy of Making Education Possible

As one of Canada’s largest and oldest group RESP providers, Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST) has helped more than half a million students achieve their dreams of higher education. Since we began back in 1960, our mission to help families achieve their post-secondary dreams remains the same. We’re committed to supporting your savings goals with our RESPs as we believe your children deserve every advantage.

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Experience the CST Difference

  • Personalized Full Service

    From the time you start your plan until your son or daughter graduates from post-secondary school, our expert investment and customer support teams are behind you. So, no matter how they grow, your RESP will grow with them!

  • Our Investment Strategy

    You can rest easy knowing that our investment approach means that your money will be there when you need it.

  • Pioneering RESPs

    CST was the 1st to lobby for education savings plans in Canada.

  • Awards and Bursaries

    We provide awards and bursaries to students with financial need in order to help them access and continue their post-secondary education.

Our Plans

We are education savings experts, supporting the savings goals of families through our RESPs.

CST™ Advantage Plan

Say hello to all kinds of advantages: a disciplined and easy way to save, the flexibility to contribute within your budget, and an investment strategy that delivers long-term positive returns while protecting your principal. Plus, enjoy unique extras to help boost the money your children receive when they go to post-secondary school!

Other CST Plans

Prefer a less disciplined contribution schedule? Our Family or Individual Savings Plans enable you to save for post-secondary education too!

Open an RESP today!

The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have for your RESP savings to grow. Opening an RESP is easy. Just speak to a CST Sales Representative about creating the savings plan that makes most sense for you.