Prospectus and Financial reports


Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans are only sold by Prospectus. Investors should read the Prospectus before making an investment decision because it includes important detailed information.

Relationship Disclosure Information and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Document

The Relationship Disclosure Information document provides information about your relationship with CSTC and other information about the CST Plans. This document has been updated to include a Conflicts of Interest Disclosure as a result of regulatory changes. We are required to describe actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise between CSTC, our Sales Representatives and you, our customers, and any risks or impacts to you. The document also explains the measures we have taken to prevent, avoid and manage these conflicts and ensure your interests are put before our own.
RDI and COI Disclosure

Financial Reports

Each Plan is required to prepare annual audited financial statements and semi-annual unaudited financial statements that comply with applicable laws and accounting standards. Each Plan is also required to prepare annually a management report of fund performance (MRFP) that contains information required by law. These documents must be filed with the regulators (through the SEDAR filing system at We also post them here on our website.

Along with the Plan’s prospectus, the Plan’s financial statements and MRFPs provide information that will help you assess the Plan, its past operations, its financial condition, its future prospects and risks.

The Plan’s financial statements are made up of statements of net assets, including assets available for EAPs, along with statements of investment operations and a statement of changes in net assets that are available for EAPs and cash flows. These documents contain specific information about the amount of the EAPs that have been paid to students in past years (by year of eligibility), as well as the funding of the Sales Charge Refund. The financial statements also contain notes which are a critical part of the financial statements and should not be ignored.

How the Plans manage the money deposited into them can say a lot about the Plans’ ability to withstand market changes and unexpected events. The Plan’s MRFPs are reports written by the Manager of the Plans, C.S.T. Consultants Inc., explaining the events that have affected the Plan’s investment performance and the Manager’s expectations for the coming year. They also describe the investments made by the Plans and how those investments have performed. You can get a list of the investments in each Plan by reviewing the Plan’s latest annual MRFP and financial statements.

2021 Annual Financial Statements

2021 Semi-Annual Financial Statements

2020 Annual Financial Statements

2020 Semi-Annual Financial Statements

2019 Annual Financial Statements and Management Report of Fund Performance

2019 Semi-Annual Financial Statements

2018 Annual Financial Statements and Management Report of Fund Performance

2018 Semi-Annual Financial Statements

2017 Annual Financial Statements and Management Report of Fund Performance

2017 Semi-Annual Financial Statements

2016 Annual Financial Statements and Management Report of Fund Performance

2016 Semi-Annual Financial Statements