How we invest your money

Our Investment approach

Protecting your principal is the cornerstone of our investment approach. We focus on long-term value by investing to protect your principal combined with the earning power you need.

Our investment methodology is aligned with our corporate vision of helping out clients save for their children's post-secondary education through conservative, long-term investments. Our disciplined savings approach balances the need for income with principal protection and safety from excess market volatility.

Principal protection: Your principal* is invested in securities such as fixed-income government and financial institution bonds. Once your student is ready to attend post-secondary education, we will return your principal.

Earning power you need:The income your principal earns is invested in a mix of Canadian equities and U.S. Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to make sure your investment earns positive returns over the life of the plan.

The Plans are managed in accordance with the investment restrictions set out by the Canadian Securities Administrators. C.S.T. Consultants Inc. has provided an undertaking to the securities regulators to modify these restrictions. Download the Undertaking to see the asset classes available in our enhanced investment approach.

Our asset allocation

Our Portfolio Management Team

Take a look at who’s managing the money:

Our portfolio managers are among the top institutional money managers in Canada1:

BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited
BMO Asset Management Inc.
Fiera Capital Corporation
CIBC Asset Management Inc.
TD Greystone Asset Management
Sionna Investment Managers Inc.
TD Asset Management Inc.