CST RESP Reviews & Testimonials

Thank you for choosing CST to help save for your child’s future education. Please share your experience with us by writing a review and help others start their journey to save for their child’s post-secondary education.

  • Todd Martin

  • I am very happy with the solution that CST provided me for my child's university education. After doing some research, it became very apparent that their RESP product delivers significantly more value than what my bank was offering me. The long-term performance is better and the overall fees (which my bank hid from me) are significantly lower. In addition, when dealing with my bank, I was handed off to 3 different people before someone could answer some very basic questions about the RESP product that they were promoting. It took over a week (and numerous calls on my behalf) before anyone could answer my question about the MER fees on the 'Education Funds' portfolio. When I called CST to inquire about their product, they sent someone to my home the next day. They explained their RESP program in detail and allowed my as much time as I needed to make my decision. Thank you, CST!

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  • GABRIEL cuny

  • Amazing company! Thanl you for everything you’ve done for my family

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  • Jason Mehta

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  • Elaine Johnson

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  • Brooke Cleland

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  • Jason Mehta

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