Scholarships: About the program

Our Scholarship Awards were established in 2012 by Sherry MacDonald, President and CEO of C.S.T. Consultants Inc., in honour of Karthiha Guruparan and Bill Winsor.

There are two Scholarship Awards presented annually valued at $6,000 each.

Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship

The Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship is in memory of a special young woman who worked at C.S.T. Consultants Inc. as a summer student for 4 years. Karthiha was a top student, and loved by many. She was studying Accounting at the University of Toronto, with the goal of achieving her CMA designation. She was to graduate in May 2011. She wanted to become a chartered accountant and to serve this country while making a positive impact. Karthiha always strived to be the best she could be, and filled her life with joy and meaning. The Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship will be given to a young woman who exemplifies Karthiha's goals and values of family first, thoughtfulness, determination and inspiration.
Scholarship Award amount: $6,000

Bill Winsor Scholarship

The Bill Winsor Scholarship is in memory of a highly successful and engaged CST Branch Manager. Bill joined CST in September of 1988 as acting Vice President of Sales until 1989 when he opened his first Sales Branch. This Branch became one of the most successful in the history of CST, leading the company in sales results as well as producing five spin-off Branches. Bill was a very likeable and caring man with a warm personality. People were always attracted to him because of his positive and enthusiastic personality. He was interested in everyone he met and would always take the time to listen. He was very competitive, but loved to see others succeed. The Bill Winsor Scholarship will be given to a young man, who exemplifies Bill’s goal-oriented mindset, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, positivity and competitiveness all the while fostering an atmosphere of team spirit.
Scholarship Award amount: $6,000