CST Foundation

Over 60 years of milestones and memories

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has been dedicated to bringing higher education within reach for Canadian families for over 60 years.

Founded as a non-profit foundation in 1960, we’ve evolved in tandem with the education savings sector and helped shape it into what it is today—through innovation, advocacy and by sponsoring the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans that families use to save for their children's post-secondary education.

The Foundation's mission is both derived from and reinforces our roots in advocacy and education savings.

The Foundation began as a group of six like-minded individuals in 1960 who shared one common vision—that all Canadian children should have the financial resources to pursue post-secondary education. Their vision was a reflection of their deepest and most cherished belief; that education and knowledge enrich the human experience.

Our Founders

A vision for making education accessible for all.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation was incorporated in 1960 by a small group of educators and business professionals. 

  • Justice Peter Wright
    Foundation president
  • A.C. Lewis
  • Adrian C. Adamson
  • Kenneth L. Carter
    Chair of Royal Commission on Taxation
  • C.C. Goldring
  • Gladys E. Neale