2018 Scholarship Award Recipients

Tim Wu (Bill Winsor Award)

Tim Wu (Bill Winsor Award) - Born in China, Tim moved to Calgary at the age of 5 where he has lived ever since. From a young age, his interests have been driven by a sense of curiosity and an urge to understand the world around him. Throughout high school, Tim’s work as a student researcher in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Calgary became an outlet for his curiosity where he explored the use of eggshells as a novel UV absorber in organic solar cells, a project awarded the Top 4 Youth Can Innovate Award (the highest award for innovation) and a Silver Medal at the 2017 Canada Wide Science Fair. Recently, Tim’s interests at the University of Calgary have shifted towards cardiology where he is now working on a project optimizing 4D flow cardiovascular imaging for the diagnosis of mitral regurgitation. He also worked as a summer research intern at the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of the Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China investigating the effect of various diet/genotype combinations on cardiovascular health, co-authoring a paper to be published in the next year.

A firm believer of the entrepreneurial process, Tim’s other interests range from debate to pipe band. His passion for public speaking has led him to compete internationally for both debate and Model United Nations, ranking among the top speakers and 21st team at the 2017 Harvard World Schools Debate Tournament. In high school, Tim experienced first-hand the stigmas inhibiting youth involvement in research; he co-founded OmniScientific, a federally registered non-profit, to destigmatize and connect enthusiastic youth to the still-inaccessible world of scientific research. Currently, OmniScientific pairs ambitious high school students with research opportunities in 20 laboratories and 7 cities nationwide. Tim has been recognized as a Horatio Alger Canadian National Entrepreneurial Scholar and awarded national scholarships from numerous top Canadian universities. In the coming year, he looks to further his interest in cardiology pursuing a coterminal BS/MS degree in Bioengineering at Stanford University, before pursuing a MD/PhD. Tim hopes to integrate his academic and entrepreneurial ambitions to ease the overburdened healthcare system by improving treatment of cardiovascular diseases and ensuring accessibility for disadvantaged populations.

Emily Lam (Karthiha Guruparan Award) - Emily is a recent French Immersion graduate from Dr Charles Best Secondary in Coquitlam, BC. She will be continuing with her higher education at Simon Fraser University to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a minor in Counselling and Human Development. Emily is a compassionate individual who works tirelessly in leading others to benefit the community. She is founder and president of Miracle Movement, an initiative that creates awareness of pediatric health and fundraises for the BC Children’s Hospital. A changemaker at her school, she leads her school’s Me to We team, spearheading projects like community book drives and food drives and raising awareness of different social issues like mental health and poverty. Last year, she was recognized at We Day Vancouver for her selfless work as a leader in creating a library for a local school in need. She also leads her school’s Best Buddies program to increase school connectedness and student engagement. Emily is a dedicated peer tutor and trained peer counselor at her school, helping many students with their academic and emotional difficulties.

In her community, she helps other youth explore the different fields of Health Sciences as Vice-President of Project Pulse Vancouver, works as a volunteer French tutor at the public library for children from low-income families, and volunteers in acute care at her local hospital and adjacent senior care home. Emily has recently become an executive of UNICEF SFU and is certified in Opioid Overdose Response Training and CPR-C. Apart from her community involvement, she is also part of her school’s choir, captain of her school’s cross country running and badminton teams, and a strong senior athlete on her school’s wrestling team. In her free time, she works part-time and enjoys relaxing with family and friends. Recently, she was awarded with the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, in recognition of her humanitarianism and resilience in overcoming obstacles. Emily is passionate about promoting inclusivity, diversity and equity and supporting underserved and disadvantaged populations. She aspires to pursue a career in pediatric cardiology and social and health innovation in order to impact the lives of others in her community and beyond.