Through knowledge comes compassion

Terilyn is the 2013 winner of the CST Kenneth Le M. Carter Award, granted to one student each year who is pursuing a graduate degree and exemplifies the qualities of outstanding academic achievement and commitment to their scholastic and professional goals.

Although Terilyn inspires us, she herself is inspired by the quote “knowledge is power” and has always aspired to gain knowledge throughout her life with the end goal of helping others. How right Terilyn is. It is through knowledge, after all, that we gain the power to help others through expertise, insight and information.

Always interested in the human mind and behavior, Terilyn pursued her education in psychology and has completed a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at the University of Calgary in 2012. She has participated in many extracurricular activities at her university, including serving as Vice President for the student union in the Education department, aiding in the organization of conferences, and volunteering as a Research Assistant in order to expand her educational horizons and advocate for the dissemination of knowledge.

When she is not part of the academic world, Terilyn enjoys traveling to different countries in order to learn and experience new cultures. She has lived in France as an exchange student and has explored different parts of the United Kingdom. Terilyn was enrolled in a practicum placement to become a registered psychologist by the end of 2013. Throughout her practicum placement she has attended workshops and conferences to broaden her clinical knowledge and better help those she works with. As Terilyn advances through her career, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. focusing primarily on the use of multi-media in the counseling world.

We salute Terilyn and her commitment to academic excellence!