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TORONTO, ONTARIO (March 23, 2017) – Today, Canada's leading music education charity, MusiCounts and The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation announced that Bob Ezrin and Jan Ezrin will be the inaugural recipients of the MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award, presented by The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (January 30, 2017) – C.S.T. Consultants Inc. (CSTC) is pleased to report a 6.0% net rate of return for Group Saving Plan 2001(“GSP 2001”) for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2016.

Toronto, ON (September 7, 2016) - Parents saving with a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for their child shouldn't worry about the latest data on tuition fees coming from Statistics Canada, not if they plan ahead.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (October 20, 2015) – C.S.T. Consultants Inc. is pleased to announce changes to the portfolio managers of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans. Effective October 20, 2015, CIBC Asset Management Inc., CGOV Asset Management, and Sionna Investment Managers Inc. will join TD Asset Management Inc., Greystone Managed Investments Inc., BMO Asset Management Inc., BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited, and Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. in assuming portfolio manager duties for the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans.

Toronto, On (March 27, 2015) - The 2015 Alberta budget will deprive parents who give birth after March 31st the head start on their child’s education savings that other parents have benefited from for years. Meanwhile, other parents will be left scrambling to claim what’s left of the Alberta Centennial Education Savings (ACES) Plan. 

Over 10,000 children in Saskatchewan families have received more than $2 million since the Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings (SAGES) program was officially launched earlier this year.

“I am pleased that so many families in Saskatchewan are utilizing SAGES to help invest in their children’s future,” Advanced Education Minister Kevin Doherty said. “Our Government wants to ensure that as many students as possible receive the opportunity to participate in and complete their post-secondary education and this program will help them accomplish this.”

1 in 4 parents say they or someone they know regret how much they’ve spent on extracurriculars

Toronto, ON (November 17, 2014) – Although more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of parents believe every kid should learn to play hockey since it’s an important part of growing up Canadian, 1 in 4 parents say they or someone they know regret how much they spent, with many using funds they don’t have to keep their kids on the ice.

National competition hosted by CST Consultants Inc. helps not-for-profits fund children’s programs

Toronto, ON (August 19, 2014) – Parents are getting the message to stop spending and start saving for their kids. According to a survey conducted by C.S.T Consultants (CST), one of Canada’s largest RESP providers, parents are focused on long-term savings and won’t be spending the big bucks on fancy technology, gadgets or school supplies this back-to-school season.

Toronto, ON (April 1, 2014) – When asked to identify the most important subjects to prepare students for their future careers, it’s not surprising that 90 per cent of Canadians pointed to science, technology and math courses in a recent survey from CST Consultants (CST), one of Canada’s leading RESP providers.


Canadian families are sacrificing more to put gifts under the tree this year

Toronto, ON (December 13, 2013) – With less than two weeks left until the holidays, CST Consultants Inc. (CST) is encouraging Canadians to think outside the box when buying gifts.

Canadian parents are willing to go into debt or even defer their retirement to put a child in hockey and other activities 

Cash infusion helps keep student debt at bay

Toronto, ON – September 19, 2013 – Boiestown student, and ground-breaking researcher Zoe Hunter is one of 10 Canadian students selected to receive $7,500 towards her graduate studies this year from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.

Hunter was chosen from more than 260 applicants across Canada to receive the Gladys Neale Award, based on her academic excellence, community service and extra-curricular activities.

Cash infusion helps keep student debt at bay

Toronto, ON – September 16, 2013 – Yukon student, Stacey Sellars is one of 10 Canadian students selected to receive $7,500 towards her graduate studies this year from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.

Sellars was chosen from more than 260 applicants across Canada to receive the Kenneth Le M. Carter Award, based on her academic excellence, community service and extra-curricular activities.

Toronto, ON – September 13, 2013 - Parents paying into a RESP for their child shouldn’t feel the burden of the latest data on tuition fees coming from Statistics Canada.

“The numbers released by Statistics Canada shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to the increase in fees over the past decade and half,” says Peter Lewis Vice President at CST Consultants Inc and the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.

5 reasons to prepare for the cost of post-secondary education

Toronto, ON – August 28, 2013 – As students head back to school, parents should review how they plan to cover the increasing cost of post-secondary education.

Toronto, ON - May 6, 2013 – As parents breathe a sigh of relief after getting their income tax returns filed on time, many have already started dreaming about what they will do with their tax refund. The average income tax refund is now approximately $1700 according to the Canada Revenue Agency.

CST Consultants’ Start Early Saskatchewan campaign looking to change that

Regina, SK – April 16, 2013 – An education can lead to a life time of opportunities, but can also lead to a life time of bills. That’s why the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation believes every little bit counts when it comes to saving for your child’s future education.

Regina, SK – April 11, 2013 – The Honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Advanced Education will join Peter Lewis, Vice- President of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation to announce the start of the Start Early Saskatchewan campaign.

The campaign encourages families to start saving early for their children’s post-secondary education, share their own experiences with other families and promote the new Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings (SAGES).

Toronto, ON — February 20, 2013 — Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CST) applauds the Government of British Columbia for announcing a new grant for families who have invested in their child’s post-secondary education through a Registered Education Savings Plan.

As the pioneer of education savings plans in Canada, CST has been advocating on behalf of its plan holders and Canadian families to repurpose the Children’s Education Fund (CEF) to create an RESP grant.

Toronto, ON — December 5, 2012 — CST Consultants, one of Canada’s largest Registered Education Savings Plan providers has been ranked one of Canada’s 50 Best Small and Medium Sized Employers by PROFIT Magazine. Study results are posted at

The study, now in its 8th year is published by PROFIT Magazine, Canada’s best read magazine for entrepreneurs and senior managers of small and medium sized businesses.

Toronto, ON — November 29, 2012 — CST Consultants Inc. (CST), one of Canada’s premier Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) providers has been named one of the Best Employers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for 2013. This is the third year in a row that CST Consultants has made the list, as featured in the Toronto Star.

CST in the News

CST Learning Project Winner - Stepstones for Youth

2015 second prize winner of the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project

Dollars for scholars - Winnipeg Free Press

CST Consultants has partnered with Career Trek to help make post-secondary education more accessible for low-income families.

The cost of minor hockey in Canada - FAN 590

Peter Lewis chats with the FAN 590 about the skyrocketing price tag associated with hockey and what parents can do about it. 

Parents swim in debt to pay for hockey, education: study - Toronto Star

The results from our second annual Beyond the Blue Line survey paint a concerning picture: parents are still going into debt to keep their kids in hockey. Read what our very own Peter Lewis has to say on the topic. 

Bringing archaeology alive in Saskatchewan - Global Saskatoon

A travelling archaeology class in Saskatchewan is vying for one of our grants in the CST Inspired Minds Project - read about the great work they're doing!

5 reasons why not-for-profits should keep calm and carry on - Huffington Post

Our very own Martha Turner shares her insights with the Huffington Post on why not-for-profits should keep forging on with their great ideas. 

Students Thank Parents for Saving for Their Education in Tearjerker Videos - #thanks4giving

This Thanksgiving, we teamed up with two students to surprise their parents and thank them for saving up for their education. Check out their reactions in this post on BuzzFeed- we guarantee you'll start tearing up!

How to set your kids up for academic success - Canadian Living

We've partnered with Canadian Living to create some great content for parents. From saving for your child's future to the ins and outs of RESPs, it's all available here! Check it out. 

Skip the back-to-school gadgets and invest in your kid's future - Huffington Post

Our RESP expert shares his tips on how to start saving for your child's future this September. 

Parents saving more, spending less for school - Moose Jaw Times Herald

The Moose Jaw Herald Times talks to our VP Peter Lewis about parents' spending and saving habits. 

Back-to-school spending tempered by rising cost of university: survey - YAHOO! Finance

We took a look at Canadians' spending habits during the back-to-school season and the results may surprise you. 

What job will you have in the future? - Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail's Jared Lindzon profiles our Inspired Minds initiative and chats with some of our experts. 

Choir master wants to give more children a voice - The Montreal Gazette

Andrew Gray, director of the Montreal Children's Choir, talks to the Montreal Gazette about how he plans to use the funds won in the CST Insprid Minds Learning Project.

Innovative literacy program pays off for Sandowne school - The Campbell River Mirror

The Campbell River Mirror profiles one of our $5,000 winners in the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project. 

$20K grant to help growing LGBTQ summer camp - Metro News Ottawa

Metro Ottawa highlights how Camp Ten Oaks is expanding thanks to funding from the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project.

Inspired Minds shells out $5K for Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre - The Peterborough Examiner

One of the winners of our Inspired Minds Learning Project competition was profiled in the Peterborough Examiner. 

10 jobs that you could have by 2030 - Fast Company

Fast Company profiles 10 of the jobs from our Careers 2030 website. 

Preventing bullying at its roots - The Moose Jaw Times Herald

The Roots of Empathy program is one of the ideas vying for funding from the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project.

Lincoln libraries looking to get technical - Niagara This Week

The Lincoln public library wants to upgrade its technology, but it needs the community to rally behind the cause. 

Online push to win funding - Chatham Daily News

One of the entries in the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project competition is pushing for public votes. 

Canadian Living and Canadian Scholarship Trust strike media deal - Media in Canada

Details about our partnership with Canadian Living were featured on Media in Canada's website.

Robot Counsellor, Garbage Designer are jobs of the future - NBC News

News of Careers 2030 has spread south of the border! NBC News mentions some of our job descriptions and predictions for the future.

Calling all applicants: Get your resumes primed for these jobs of the future - Golden Girl Finance

Learn about the jobs you might be applying for in 10-15 years with this recap of the Inspired Minds project on Golden Girl Finance.

Generation Next – Canadian Living

We’re thrilled to share Canadian Living’s one-page feature on the CST Inspired Minds program from their June issue. Click on the image below to view the full article, and click here to view an adapted version of the online piece. 

Jobs of the future? - 24 Hours Toronto & Vancouver / The Toronto Sun

24 Hours and the Toronto Sun have both published a one-piece spread on the Inspired Minds Careers 2030 program. To view the print coverage, you can click on the image below.

Garbage designer, robot counsellor, nostalgist are among 9 futuristic jobs Canadians could see by 2030 - The Financial Post

The Financial Post also picked up Business Insider's piece about CST's Careers 2030 project. 

9 futuristic jobs we could see by 2030 - Business Insider

The Business Insider team spoke to CST's Vice President Martha Turner about 9 jobs that might be available by 2030. 

VIDEO: Jobs of the future - Canada AM

Canada AM spoke to CST's Peter Lewis about some of the jobs we've included in our digital job fair of the future.

Job market in 2030 -

A piece on talks about how garbage designers and robot counsellors may be jobs of the future. 

10 crazy jobs that will exist in the future -

10 jobs from our digital job fair of the future were recently featured on

VIDEO: Jobs of the future – CTV News

Our Vice President Martha Turner talks to CTV News about CST’s Inspired Minds project and the jobs of the future.

Robot counsellor? What are the jobs of the future? - Metro News

Metro News shares details about CST's Inspired Minds project. 

VIDEO: Jobs of the Future – Global Morning Show

Our Vice President Peter Lewis and Jayar La Fontaine of Idea Couture talk to the hosts of the Global Morning Show about the jobs of 2030.

Future careers could include 'nostalgist' and 'robot counsellor' - Huffington Post

The Huffington Post shares 10 jobs that might exist in 10-15 years, courtesy of our Careers 2030 program.

Jobs of 2030 may include ‘rewilder’ and ‘nostalgist’:report – YAHOO! Finance

YAHOO! Finance highlights some of the work we’ve created as part of the CST Inspired Minds initiative.

Robot Counsellor? Jobs in Canada in 2030 - Workopolis

Several of the job descriptions from the CST Inspired Minds project were also featured on Workopolis.

Garbage designer? It’s a future career prospect – The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star interviews our Vice President Martha Turner about the jobs of the future, which may include a garbage designer.

Future jobs so cool, even your kids can’t imagine them -

According to, the hot jobs of the future might not be the ones you’d expect.

New study shows computer, language skills are a high priority - CTV News

Our recent survey finds that the vast majority of Canadians (90 per cent) say science, technology, math and engineering are the most important subjects needed to prepared students for future careers.

Careers2030 site examines jobs of the future -

Our new project showcases what the future career landscape might look like.

Helpful tips to save for your child's education and your retirement - Global News

Our Vice President Peter Lewis makes an appearance on Global News to talk RESPs and retirement savings.

RESPs: Start small, if you must, but start early -

Starting to save with an RESP early on has many benefits for your child's future. 

Hockey team gets $10K to improve accessibility - CTV Winnipeg

As part of our Beyond the Blue Line program, we award the winning team from Fort Garry with their $10,000 prize. 

Save Your Retirement by Saving for Your Child's Education - Huffington Post

In a blog entry for the Huffington Post Canada, CST Vice President Peter Lewis talks about how parents can save for their own retirement by putting money aside for their child’s education in an RESP.

CST Executives Team up With Students from Wilfrid Laurier University in Interactive Case Study -

Rather than just asking students to solve a business problem, CST executives traveled to Waterloo to provide feedback on presentations by one marketing class.

Why you need to treat RESPs like RRSPs - Financial Post Magazine

In the February issue of Financial Post magazine, CST's Peter Lewis explains why you need to treat RESPs like RRSPs and why CST's investment strategy is a winning one.

CST talks education savings and scholarships - Maritime Morning Weekend

CST Scholarship Award winner Zoe Hunter was a guest on Maritime Morning Weekend on News 91.9 with Scott Simpson to discuss CST RESPs, scholarships and tips for students like herself to be debt-free! Listen to audio clip