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With over 56 years of experience in group RESPs and a history of transforming the dreams of more than 250,000 families into reality, we partner with you to help your child afford the rising costs of post-secondary education. We are committed to providing you with:

Principal protection

Your RESP principal is invested in stable and secure fixed-income securities, such as government and financial institution bonds. The principal will be returned to you at maturity.

Earning power you need

The income your principal earns is invested in a mix of Canadian equities, U.S. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and investment-grade corporate bonds to make sure your investment earns competitive returns over the life of the plan.


You don’t have to constantly monitor performance. Just decide how much you want to contribute and we’ll take care of the rest.

Flexible study options

CST Plans allow your child to pursue and fund their full or part-time studies including changing programs or transferring schools in Canada or abroad:

• Universities
• Community colleges
• Trade schools
• Vocational schools
• Technical schools
• Religious schools
• Distance learning
• Correspondence courses

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